February was full of bloodbath. Not the literal sense. But you will see the remains of the battle in the blog of Jaypee, with bloggers and friends zooming to become the top commentator of the month. It was like life and death I must say, for the winner will take home $15 worth of paypal money and WP shirt and other wonderful freebies from jaypee. And I battled it out for the WP shirt!!!!

In the end it was Jan who rose to the top spot and took home the price. Congrats bro! The two of us were really battling it out, spitting fire and dust, racing through our keyboards to post our replies and comments over Jayp’s posts, becoming overnight rabid commentators on the loose in the words of Jan, and now he is happy trying to shake his feathers and enjoy the price especially the shirt. Everyday is a very competitive day…no one wants to break down and waver, like the troops holing themselves up in bunkers over the Bataan strip and Corregidor.

During the last day, Jan and I were tied at 42 posts a piece. Tension is all around. Trying to read each other’s moves in the blogosphere from some distant computer unit. But surprisingly, Jan raised the white flag of surrender over his blog, for he is on his way to Manila and will not have the opportunity to break the tie and bring home the priced freebies. And I for my part relaxed and just told myself that everything is already secured for me to take the top spot trying to post only a couple of comments and replies. Ei, I can sleep tight and in the morning the price is mine. But lo’ and behold, Jan trailblazed getting ahead of me with more than 10posts in the morning…and won!

I have been an avid reader of Jayp’s blog but it is only now that i started to post my comments over his articles for I felt quite uncomfortable with the people on his blog who are mostly if not all of them are wordpress users. It was quite like the sentiment I share with Jan. But as i started to post on his blog and other pinoy blogs that I frequently visit like that of Bloggista I realized that the blogosphere is one of the friendliest place around to hang out. Bloggers hidden behind those avatars and nicknames spontaneously and generously exchange pleasantries and offer help regarding blogging concerns and problems.

I said to myself, Hey, there is nothing to feel uncomfortable about down here Joe!.

Though I never won the price for the February Top Commentator over Jaypee, because of the sheer power Jan has through Madam Auring’s spell and fortune-telling, I won lots of friends though like Jan, Jaypee, Yatot (who is going to help me out tweak my blog courtesy of Jan), Bloggista, and many others.

But let me assure you, that March is mine to conquer over the Top Commentator. Madam Auring’s power cannot certainly defeat the powers of the sages of Quiapo I visited, hahahaha! This is one lesson learned for me on how to win the contest. And this March is my birthday! Yehey! Getting older, getting better (hopefully) Being on top would be my gift to myself. Right Jan?

Do you also join on blog contests? Any experience you can share about battling it out with fellow bloggers in the spirit of fun?

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