This is a personal reflection of Mr. Steve Salibay, fellow Faculty Member under the Religious Education Department of DLSU-D after the policemen stopped and harrassed us on our way to Makati for the Interfaith Prayer Rally. Many may have never reached Makati, but because of the indicent, the spark in the hearts of the young people to fight for truth, justice and freedom has now become a wild fire!

As soon as I boarded a jeep alone from DLSU-D School Bus, can’t help myself but weep in silence. I weep for my own children, friends, students and fellow teachers. It’s so outrageous to think that our policemen, some of them were former students and scholars of our very own institution turned out to be goons of their own “children” and former teachers. Aren’t they supposed to be the protectors of our people? Aboard those two school buses were students and teachers wanting to express their sentiment for TRUTH and JUSTICE that must prevail in our land, in solidarity with hundreds of thousands of young Filipinos and teachers in Makati. But what they did to us was harassment treating us as if we were criminals.

While we were conceptualizing our plan on how to join the inter-faith rally in Makati, we were so trusting that we thought it would never happen to us because we were no terrorists. But this is it! We have witnessed how oppressive and insecure our government have become. Well, her Excellency has all the reasons to get insecure because after all she is NOT the rightful heir of the Presidency in our land.
But indeed, this experience should never stop us from doing our part as Filipinos. I still believe in the beauty and goodness of every Filipino, Filipinos who genuinely love our country and people.

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