I have moments of silence too. This is the time when after being so talkative and bombarded by so many noises and distractions around me, I find myself in the solace and comfort of reflective silence that strengthens me and replenishes the depth that I need each day.

There was a photographer who wandered from one place to another searching for the most beautiful of people, scenery and culture to capture on his lens. Everytime that he will see a beautiful subject, he ends up saying, ” there is a more beautiful subject to capture than this.” And there, once again wandered in search of the most beautiful subject to capture on his lens.

Eventually, the photographer got tired and old, ran out of money and found himself sitting in a lowly street near a market place. As he sat in hunger, and an untidy little boy out of the blue sat beside him and opened a conversation. Both had a good time sharing their different stories. In the end, the boy just ran away. The photographer now old and hungry felt sad being alone and felt asleep. Then someone woke him up and he saw the little boy with some bread in his hand.
Teardrops ran from his worn out cheeks for there he saw and “felt” the most beautiful subject in life.

So many people long for a higher power, a being bigger than themselves especially the young. I can see this longing everyday in them but most of them find the food for their longing in different gloomy corners of shallow materialistic shops of today. In this searching, they find different answers and expressions of it. There are those who find it in power, others in fame, while others on wealth. However, these things only make them even more restless and craving even more and more to something that could fill the void inside. Their hunger and thirst grow even deeper and so resort to having more and more, but time and again find themselves still in the middle of the void universe.

While some people think they can fill this void through material greatness and excess, others are surely convinced that they can find this higher being in a trully spiritual encounter. However, sometimes these people tend to long for supernatural and mystical encounters getting blind of beautiful realities that bloom around them everyday. Longing for these supernaturals lead them to become superstitious and so losses their grip to the true essense of their longing that make them also long for this more and more and more, associating every event in life to be also supernatural and mystical encounters and events.

Whatever people call this higher being – which for many and me is God, thus a higher Being – truth is, this Being is ever-present at our palm, is at our reach. God is constantly working in our everyday lives and sweetly felt, not is mystical encounters, not in the parting of the sea nor in the dancing of the sun, but in sweet and gentle flowering of buds in the morning, the gentle kiss of the mist in our skin, the smiles of our neighbor and the simplicity of good works that we do and we receive from others. God is an everyday God. This is the beauty of simplicity and contentment, filling the void with the food that really fills our hunger.

Like everyone else in this world, I am also longing and craving for something/someone to fill my hunger. I traveled the different roads looking for this higher Being to fill me but along the way I forgot to even stop and look at the beautiful view along the way. I am still traveling but now I carry with me some morsels of wisdom that I learned along the way to make my journey sweeter.

In my everyday experiences of simple encounters I find strength, joy and gladness in my everyday God. How about you?

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