They Say, I Say…What’s Yours?

February 18th, 20086:57 pm @ elmot


I found that there is a great need for me to supplement the previous blog I posted about the Catholic bishops’ statement as regards to the great issue that the country is facing right now with bribery, corruption and human rights abuse. I was asked by one of the student in a seminar yesterday about the same thing and shared the message of the excellencies to her, and to her dissatisfaction. Indeed so many people are dissatisfied with the Church’s stand bordering on status quo.

For a long time, the Philippines is under the cloak of Spanish friars and any dissenting opinion has the price of excommunication or even death. Filipinos were chained under their supposed-to-be spiritual guidance, and social customs are only as acceptable if these are accepted by friars’ standards. The rest is history as we say with all the harrowing atrocities it brought to our nation of their more than 300-year reign.

During the rule of the strongman Ferdinand Marcos, Filipinos were bitter, suffering and crying for justice, but the last thread only snapped with Cardinal Sin’s call for the Filipinos to converge at EDSA and stand all together to say “No”. If we are to go back to history books, EDSA People Power only came years after the death of Ninoy and Sin’s call to protect the dissenting military men primarily triggered the explosion long dued.

But taking away the chains is not as easy as eating a cheese cake. Until today, a great number of Filipinos are still watching, listening and waiting to Church’s response to the issue at hand. Waiting for the stand of the Church and take this stand as their’s too. We cannot dismiss that the Catholic Church is an important body to listen to in matters of politics, social concerns and spirituality. However, in terms of political issues, each and every Filipinos should have come to a point of personal discernment and analysis of things that do not only concern social structures and political figures but more importantly affects them. The Church did not vote in behalf of them, isn’t it? Whatever the Church says, its theirs’…how about yours?

If they say, we pray in their exhortation, then I think it is not bad altogether, but it does not mean that we just lay down in slumber. It is not a sin to protest and speak up. Whether they received donations that have affected their own impartiality to issues that concern even the least of Filipino citizen, it is their responsibility anyway to face at the end of days. Ours is to face today and to speak up with or without them, they are not anyway the Filipino nation.

Again, the bishops already said their peice, made their stand…the important question now is, “What is yours?”

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