Making Money Online with a 13-year Old?

February 2nd, 20082:06 pm @ elmot


If you are going encode “make money online” on Google’s search engine, the number 1 result is that of with the tagline of “Make Money at Home with a 13-year old.” Second to this is that of of which I am a regular forumer.

Going back to the number 1 site on Google’s search engine on the search word “make money online”, I was wondered if the site is a fake or Google’s algorithm is just unpredictable. And so I searched for a couple more times which gave the same results.

Is there really a 13-year old giving you pieces of advise about internet and affiliate marketing, earning big bucks from advertising, google adsense and making it big in the field of online income generation?

The best way to verify is to check the site. Carlocab’s site is very good, substantial and has lots of traffic. It has more than 800 subscribers which simply mean the site has really the authority and solid base of readership and patrons. It also gives a free e-book on the subject of his site that also entices a lot of visitors. A lot of sponsors and advertisers are also painting colors on his site. Its an achievement.

At WarriorsForum, a question was once posted if one is going to subscribe to a 13-year old about making money online. The post generated more than 150 comments! And consequently, increased even more the popularity of the site.’s owner is a 14-year old boy with the name of Carl Ocab according to other bloggers who knows Carl. If Carl does all these things as a 13-year old, now a 14-year old boy on his sight, all I can say is that he is truly great and a genius. But then again, his age still casts a shadow of doubt over me if he is indeed the one “solely” doing all the stuff in his sight or “make money at home with a 13-year old” is just a marketing tagline and strategy.

Well, you can visit his sight at and it’s up for you to judge but certainly you will learn a lot from his ingenuity. Don’t forget also to grab a copy of his free e-book.

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