really do not know why the things that I am always sharing here are those that have gone past, usually things that had happened yesterday or days ago. I am not really used to hooking myself up in front of the pc and cry out of what i feel at that very moment with the words exiting and racing through my fingers. I am not really used to such a kind of thing. I love to experience things first and look at such experiences from a distance; then share them here for public consumption. Others maybe would say that I am just streamlining the things that I want to share or talk about or write so that I could not be dissected by those who frequent my blogs. I think…No. I am just that type of person who wants to silence his big mouth first before blurting out what he thinks and feels.

As we walked out of the campus yesterday with a gloomy horizon ahead of us (I do not know why almost so many of my stories are all about our going out of the campus), some students brushed us aside as if there was a giving out of christmas gifts or palace kickbacks at gate 1 from some Santa Clause or palace official. As has always been true, going home is still the sweetest part of the scheudule of classes of students; while others maybe, will still have their last period in the mall or computer shop which make them even more excited like there’s no tomorrow. While we were talking about our planned night out, a lady with a big tummy and wide smile painted on her face suddenly embraced me in front of so many students and in front of my officemates. I was left dead silent.

“Sir, tingnan mo buntis na ko. Dahil po sa inyo!”

Ha???!!! Deep inside me I was murmuring words I myself did not really even understand. What do you mean because of me??? I do not get it, my inner silent scream. Some people were already looking at us with eyes of suspicion or what the heck those staring eyes even mean! I was trying to unlock her embrace but she was just so happy to see me and tell me she was pregnant, and take note, pregnant because of me. Different thoughts were already racing inside my skull and paranoia was making me really feel very uneasy. I was telling myself that I will not be hearing the words, “you are the father” for the final salvo of the encounter at gate 1. No way! It was only then that I managed to ask her but with great caution.

“Kamusta naman po?”

“Ay Sir, alala nyo po nung nagmodule tayo tapos tinanong nyo ko kung ano wish ko. And ito po nagkatotoo na at last! Four months na.”

Hah…what a sigh of relief! Vindicated from my stupidity and malicious thinking that has clouded both of my left and right brain. Yes, I remembered that module and now I remembered her! In that module, I asked each one of them about their greatest wish and had a so much fun talking about it. And that lady (her name by the way is Charlotte) said she wants to have a baby and has been praying for the angel to come to their life for a long time already. Then, all of us offered a prayer to one another and some ritual. The module ended with me telling Charlotte, “wag kang mag-alala, pagkatapos ng module na ito, mabubuntis ka na.” And we all parted with smiles on our faces and happy contented hearts.

“Sir, ipapangalan ko po sa inyo ha! hehehe!” Next module ulit.”

“Naku, baka mabuntis po kayo ulit sa susunod na module. Mukang gusto nyong makarami agad ah.” We all laughed. “Oks po, ingatan nyo baby no ha.” My last words to her.

Wooh! I was thinking of changing career. My collegues told me tat I have a very fertile tongue at that (literally? parang ang pangit!), or even qualified to become a fertility statue? Definitely it was God’s hands that caressed her tummy and placed a little angel there. But for us in that module, it will constatantly be a great source of inspiration for me in the work the I do everyday…ah, no, in the ministry that I do; that God’s hand and grace always work in us, overflowing in us

(Wag naman sanang mabuntis lahat ng participants ko sa module ha. Naku, patay tayo dyan!)

Rain is really pouring so hard and punishing our roof, already telling us to pack our things and head home or else we could end up floating in a sea of mud and brownish flood with all sorts of unimaginable garbages (yuck!_). Time to end and click shut down (PC). Time to go now, hopefully no pregnant lady would again tell me that she got pregnant because of me. Well, it all depends on the situation.

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