Faltered Trillanes vs. Vindicated GMA

December 6th, 200711:00 pm @ elmot



Sen. Trillanes’ short stint at attempting to bag the highest position in the land drew different reactions from everyone and now everyone knows his name. His name has now become synonymous with Oakwood, Manila Peninsula, Rebellion, Mutineer and Arrogant military-officer-turned-senator-because-of-11-million-votes with the last one having the most hit on all search engines over the world. In fact, Mr. Webster is so busy as of this writing in adding up his name to the synonym of the word “dumb”.

Some raised their eyebrows while others symphatized either with the poor coup plotters or with the failed cause, with I think only a few on both. Some people labelled them as military adventurers while others call them as their voice amidst the drowning and deafening noise of macrocosmic lies in this country enlivened by telenovela, basketball, boxing and lotto.

All of us are definitely tired of this kind of system and corrupt governance but how to end this government is a big question to everyone. As soon as we wake up each day of our lives, news of bribery, corruption, harrassment on mediamen and leftist groups, abduction of freedom fighters, additional tax burdens on citizens and suppression of human rights of each and every Filipino of our downtrodden country flood unto us unceasingly and leave us with no choice but to know these facts of life no matter how painful they are; scourging our very own century-old search for equality, justice and freedom. I think Trillanes and his troops in walking out of the courtroom and marching throughout Ayala Avenue and eventually the storming of Manila Peninsula have the right claims against the government, wrong means and questionable motives. His claims against the government since their failed 2003 Oakwood mutiny only fell on deaf ears; they are now but just letters forcibly buried by allies of GMA into the dusty archives of some government offices. Despite of this seemingly noble act of defying the government, calling for a change, his means was not plausible enough to encourage a mass base to rally behind him. Many were caught unprepared. His fall magnified by his arrest (once again) is due mainly to his wrong timing, adventuristic actions, unprepared march and selfish exploit that turned off big groups and organizations though are sharing the same cause. Others even scoffed at him. Certainly, many people sporting the same camouflage were insulted for not being informed of the move that could have led to a new government or just a new set of government officials leading all of us to start anew and start once again from scratch. His motives has become clearer and more questionable as papers surfaced indicating his aim of establishing a military government with him as the one to lead as all to Purgatory or Promise Land.

GMA was for sure vindicated with Trillanes’ and his men faltering one by one unto the arms of military and policemen. She even managed to play golf with his husband (?) the day after wearing a golf cap (I forget what its called) as big as a picnic umbrella!

GMA I must say is a very strong, powerful and viscious leader; cunning as a snake, strong as lion and as bloodthirsty as a hayenna. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo knows power very well and she is certainly showing signs that she will become power herself in the near future (if we are not to do anything). There are things that I want to share of reasons why coups and attempts to topple her government has always been a failure and could still fail in the future before she ends her term in 2010 (if and only if she will trully step down by that time).

1. The military men are at her feet. She is her goddess and sugar mom. Ex-military men and police officials hold key posts in the government. From, energy, transportation, communication, different task forces and newly-existing-never-heard-of offices under the Office of the President are occupied by either mostly generals. What could they ask for? Military men since time immemorial could either create or destroy governments or institutions. Therefore, pamper them like babies in your lap full of toys at their disposal.

2. GMA certainly knows how to play chess or games of the general and wins always (of course because she has mastered the art of cheating). She knows where and when to place people at vital government positions. She knows who’s who, people who are as vicious as her but are only as good as followers which lead us to the next reason.

3. She mastered the art of Bribery. (no need to explain further).

4. Trillanes always fail and other attempts of civil society to topple the government because generals first and foremost will never yield and bow down to a junior officer without even a single shining star off his sleeve (talk about pride of a true military man). Certainly, these movements does not have necessary power of a big military back up; not just of some enlistee.

5. Presidential election for 2011 is barely three years from now and different wannabees have already taken their position and stance. Some are now constant faces on TVs and already went to Vicky Belo for some lipo and makeover to look like thirty-something. Certainly, these people will never want to be side-stepped, duped by a young junior officer over the presidential position. (talk of political ambitions, worse than military pride)

6. Economy is seen by many investors and businessmen as very very good at this moment under GMA. MBC is critical of the government. PCCI is a pup of GMA. Razon and FG are best buds. Dissention. Profit.

7. And for me on my last reason is that she has mastered the art of deceit.

I am sure all of us could add more to my short list. And after reading this, please do so though I know this will be a very painful exercise for some; to suffer for giving reasons why a small person could be so powerful at our expense.

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