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September 20th, 20074:15 pm @ elmot


Hi! When I was still in the seminary, which I must admit once in my life I thought of becoming a priest (whaattt??!!), my fellow-seminarians from Isabela province gave me this monicker, ELMOT. For which up to this day, when I am already and X-man or ex-seminarian, I am still trying to decipher what it really means. Is it some codex from the Da Vinci Code that would lead me to the Holy Grail? Maybe that would remain a mystery. And I just lived up to it.

A things about me:

Birthplace: from the watery area of Malabon, Metro Manila
Grew up: in the land of sugar canes and hacienderos Bacolod City, Negros Occidental
Studied: on the mountains of Silang, Cavite
Working: in the jungle area of Dasmarinas, Cavite
Favorite game/s: basketball (esp. LeBron James)
Favorite hobby: blogging, reading books, surfing the net, tweeting (!?)
Favorite food: pizza, burger, pasta (hmmm, yummy)
Who is your crush: Ah…

Wait, is this some highschool slum book? LOL!

Kidding aside, I am presently working in an academic institution but is more focused on facilitating formation seminars. Mingling with the students especially our student volunteer group is my joy. That is why I feel and actually not getting old.

And this blog is my online alter-ego. I post here my reactions, reflections, joys, triumphs, and frustrations about philippines politics and social issues and blogging. I love to comment on things but I am not the eternal cynic type.

I may sound on my posts and may look like an extrovert on my picture, in reality, I am somber, and reflective man. Loves the silence most of the time. hum, hum, hum… tweet, tweet, tweet.

Hope that you will enjoy your visit here, and hope to be friends with all of you, wherever you are.


Wait, my face is so big in here? Nah…

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